Integrated Kitchen

Integrated Kitchen from OPPEIN is divided into 5 major kitchen systems according to the “Golden Space” of Human Engineering Theory. They are washing system, storage system, cooking system, lighting system and water purification system. Five system plus OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinets will be striving for meeting your unique demands to build your own healthy, functional, beautiful home kitchen.

  • Kitchen Cabinet

    OPPEIN is the initiator and leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China. OPPEIN kitchen cabinets base materials are of E1 standard of Europe and low-VOC finishes. Kitchen Cabinets Hardware is imported from Blum® of Austria, RENOLET® and HETTICH® of Germany.

  • Kitchen Appliance

    The kitchen appliances of OPPEIN include range hood, cook top, microwave, oven, steam oven, warming drawer, dishwasher, refrigerator.

  • Kitchen Accessory

    The kitchen accessories of OPPEIN include pull-out basket, drawer, sink, faucet, lighting, storage systems, functional hardware, pot and pan series, knives series, cutting board series, cooker series, sterilizer for fruit and vegetable and water purifier series.