Integrated Bathroom

OPPEIN integrated bathroom enhances your quality of life by well organizing your space: washing area (bathroom cabinet), bathing area (Shower room, Bathtub), drainage area(Toilet,Bidet).

  • Bathroom Cabinet

    Bathroom Cabinets from OPPEIN enjoy fast sales because of its beautiful style and high quality. 

  • Faucet

  • Sprinkler

  • Shower Room

    The shower room (shower screen, wet room)of OPPEIN include: Arc-shaped sliding door shower room, Semi-arc-shaped sliding door shower room, Sliding door shower screen, Rectangle sliding door shower room,Sliding door shower screen, Long arc-shaped sliding door shower room, Computer controlled steam room.

  • Bathtub

    OPPEIN Bathtubs are divided into Massage Bathtub Series, Bathtub with Hardware Series, Art Bathtub Series, Engineering Bathtub and Solid Surface Bathtub Series.

  • Sanitary Ware

    The sanitary ware products from OPPEIN for bathroom fitting include, bathroom suites, water basins, sinks, bidets and toilets to suit your every need.