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Carcase: Phoenix grain 108185#
Door Panel: Craftmanship: Phenix grain
PVCP-30 plus leather inlaid diamond
Crown moulding : AL-08Craftmanship:Phoenix grain PVC P-06
Kickboard: YB-01Phoenix grain PVC
Size: 4336W*2884D*2510H
Series: Morbidezza series



European Bookcase
Frame:P-30 Craftsmanship PVC phoenix grain
Handle: Single hole acrylic handle 8013600
Carcase: Phoenix grain 108185#
Door Panel: PVC (style:P-06 plus Clear glass with golden line PVC(style:P-30) plus Trim in diamond leather
Size: 3356W*408D*2360H
Crown moulding : AL-08 Craftsmanship PVC phoenix grain
Kickboard :YB-01 Craftsmanship PVC phoenix grain
Series: Morbidezza series


PU Leather Series
Frame: Mullion :YL960
Carcase: Phoenix grain 108185#
Door Panel: G052PU Leather
Decorative panel: 715 Phoenix grain PVC
Size: 2600W*600D*2400H
Series: Morbidezza series



European Style Wardrobe
Frame: Craftmanship :PVC P-30 plus PU leather inlaid diamond
Handler: Handle with one diamond 8013600
Carcase: Phoenix grain 108185 #
Door Panel: Craftmanship :Phoenix grain
PVC-06;Craftmanship: Phoenis grain PVC P-30 plus PU Leather inlaid diamond
Crown moulding : Al-08 Craftmanship: Phoenix grain
Kickboard: Phoenix grain PVC craftmanship: JX5-01
Size: 3222W*708D*2510H
Series: Morbidezza series