Fashion series Primary-secondary door MSPZ01

Interior/Exterior Door


Door Style:  MSPZ01
Door Leaf:  Primary-secondary door
Standard Door Leaf Width(mm):  Primary Door: 650 - 830
                                                 Secondary Door: 300,350,400,450
Standard Door Leaf Height(mm):  1900 - 2150
Standard Door Thickness(mm):  40
Door Finish Available: 
                                  YP04 Black walnut 
                                  YP17 Black walnut 
                                  YP02 Cherry wood           
                                  YP16 Cherry wood
                                  YP05 Walnut
                                  YP19 Yellow oak
                                  YP06 Yellow oak
                                  YP13 Golden Teak
                                  YP09 Ebony
                                  YS03 White matte    
                                  YS04 Milky white matte
                                  YS06 Beige matte 
Door Size can vary according to the requirement of clients.