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Kitchen Furniture --Kitchen Cabinet - OP13-077
Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet
Acoording to E1 environmental protection standard
Classical Series

Kitchen Cabinet Countertop: 

1) OPPEIN Quartz Stone (WTY152)
2) Edge : Miter edge 38 and Miter edge 60 (S-Z38 and S-Z60)
3) Thickness(mm): 38/41/46
4) Matched Material: Can be matched with Silestone, Quartz Stone and Caesar Stone
Note: Silestone can be matched with 12.5mm thick countertop;Quartz Stone can be matched with 15mm thick countertop and Caesarstone can be matched with 20mm thick countertop;
38mm or 60mm thick countertop is underlaid by aluminum transverse;Standard aluminum transverse thickness is 26mm or 48mm;Countertop of other thickness is underlaid by

quartzstone block;Silestone countertop has no aluminum transverse. 

Kitchen Cabinet Door Material: 

1) Matched Door Finish: Acrylic (WBMS211 and 853)
2) Door Base Material:  Blockboard or Particle board
3) Door Style: YMS08

kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity has included all necessary hardware such as drawer slides,knobs,handles,hinges and shelf pins (local) specific brands

such as Blum ,Hettich .
Kitchen Appliance and Accessories: 

Range Hood: E305
Cooktop: Q622
Sterilizer: A609