Bathroom Cabinet - OP13-020-180

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Bathroom Furniture  
Name: Wooden Bathroom Cabinet
Model: OP13-020-180
Carcase Materials: E1 Standard of Multiply plywood
Basin: White Ceramics
Mirror Thickness: 5mm 
Hardware: Blum Slide and Handle
Door Panel (Water Transfer Printing and Screen Printing Available) 
Door Panel Base Material: E1 Standard of Multiply plywood wrapped with Wood Veneer
Door Panel Finish: Lacquer on one side or both sides
Door Panel Thickness: 19mm 
Bathroom Cabinet Size: 
Drawer Cabinet(mm): 1200*480*450
Base Cabinet(mm): 900*525*450
Door Cabinet(mm): 600*480*450
Basin(mm): 605*490*190
Mirror Cabinet(mm): 1200*150*600
Side Mirror Cabinet: 600*150*600