Jan 15

Expocomer 2015 Panama Trade Fair

OPPEIN is pleased and proud to welcome you to the Expocomer 2015 Panama Trade Fair which is taking place in Panama from March 11th to March 14th. We invite you to meet us at booth: 1103-1104 and chat with our professional, enthusiastic team to know the most recent innovations in cabinetry fields.

Expocomer 2015 Panama Trade Fair

What is Expocomer?

Expocomer is an event that is concerned with multiple sectors and this is a great platform for the exhibitors to showcase their products and services to the local and global markets. This event contains lots of fields, from food, textiles, construction, technology to services.

This is a 4 days’ exhibition with an area of 23,000 ㎡, and would attract thousands of clients from central America and the Caribbean.

Know more from Expocomer official website>>

If you want to meet OPPEIN representative on specific date and time for a personal meeting, please send us a message to Eric_lin@oppein.com and we’ll get back to you with a confirmation. Or, you can come to our booth; we’ll be there to welcome you.


Where is the Exhibition?↓↓


Where is OPPEIN booth?↓↓

Expocomer 2015 Panama Trade Fair

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Jan 15

Visiting to United States and Canada from OPPEIN


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Dec 14

Faster Than Ever – OPPEIN 7 Days Lead Time Kitchen Cabinets

Good news for people frustrated in long and erratic lead time cabients. OPPEIN custom kitchen cabinets: the fastest lead time is now only 7 days.

To put it a simple way: you can place an order for our custome kitchen cabinets on Monday, you could get the tracking number on next Monday. To see an estimated arrival date, email us: marketing@oppein.com (with your cabinets drawings if you have).


This special 7 days lead time is for some cabinets materials only (View our 7 days lead time page). Compared to industry averages of 15 days, our custome kitchen cabinet is among the fastest to ship.

Our 7 days lead time is faster, but our cabinets are still the exact same high quality material you want. With 20 years experience in manufacturing cabients, OPPEIN has already achieved the technology to shorten lead times, sucn as quality raw material, professional designer teams, high technology, strong process management and so on.

The moment you place your order, we ship your kitchen cabinets out in 7 days. Faster, safer, qulity-guaranteed. That’s something we all devoted to.


Disclaimer: Due to size and complexity constraints of the custome kitchen cabinets, not all designs qualify for the 7 days lead time. This article does not guarantee that your design will ship out in 7 days.

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Dec 14

OPPEIN Delivers Kitchen Cabinets to Botswana

In Oct,2014 OPPEIN delivered 42 sets of kitchen, 90 sets of wardrobes and 46 sets of interior doors to the client Dan for his project NPL in Botswana.



The kitchen is composed with high gloss lacquer finished door and wood veneer finished door. It looks very modern and stylish. In order to make full use of the space, OPPEIN supplied some functional accessories, like stainless steel pullout baskets, cutlery divider, built-in waste bin, which not only make the kitchen usful but also fantastic.


The wardrobe is wood grain melamine with lacquer finish. It looks like the composed personality of king.What’s more, the lattice cabinet for ties and jeweley, the pullout pants rack and pullout mirror and built-in safe box brings a comfortable and enjoyable living space.


The interior doors are white lacquer finished. The curved profile makes the door elegant and fashionable.

OPPEIN specialize in making kitchen cabinet, wardrobes, interior doors and bathroom cabinet. We can offer one stop solution for your dream house. Welcome to contact us!

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Dec 14

Mozambique Project Customer Likes Our Design Very Much

An important project customer Akbar & Omar in Tete of Mozambique has purchased 34 sets of kitchens for their project this July. They mention that in Mozambique no company makes kitchens like ours. They like our designs very much, especially like the combination of 2 colors and concealed handles such as shown in below pictures:

Mozambique-oppein-1 Mozambique-oppein-2 Mozambique-oppein-3 Mozambique-oppein-4 Mozambique-oppein-5

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Dec 14

Ethiopia Importer Girmay Wants to Market OPPEIN Products

An important Ethiopian building materials importer Girmay for has come to visit OPPEIN on August 23, 2014. He wants to market OPPEIN products in Ethiopia. We have discussed everything every well and will have good cooperation in the near future. After he goes back to Ethiopia, Girmay has written an E-mail as below:

“First of all, I want to thank you and OPPEIN for all the hard work and the detailed way that you present the quotation.  It shows me that you are a professional company that deserves the market position it is in.

I genuinely want to work with OPPEIN and I hope to contact you with orders in the near future.  All the quotation work you have done is very valuable for me to have a good feel of the project pricing for similar size projects.”

Ethiopia Importer-oppein


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Dec 14

Ethiopia Customer Malaaf’s Good Feedback for Her Home Use Kitchen

This August, an Ethiopian customer Malaaf who has purchased home use kitchen from OPPEIN last year has sent us the installed pictures as below. Malaaf mentions that she is very happy to receive our nice kitchen which is perfect as she ordered and thanks us very much for our good work. Meanwhile, he mentions that she will recommend her relatives and friends to buy kitchens from us.





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Dec 14

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Celebrates Grand Opening of OPPEIN Showroom

OPPEIN Home Group Inc., founded in 1994, has opened its largest overseas showroom in Myanmar to meet the local growing need for quality cabinets. The new 1,000 sq.ft. showroom is located at NO, 10, Karbaraye Pagoda Road, 8 Miles, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar and will showcase OPPEIN’s high-end kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabients and furnitures.

Cham Myae Tha (CMT), agent of OPPEIN, is the largest furniture agency in Myanmar. On 23rd November, it held a splendid ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of its new CMT furniture center, the whole fourth floor of which is OPPEIN showroom. Mayor of Yangon, local high officials were in attendance, as well as investores, suppliers and journalists.







This is a win-win cooperation for OPPEIN and CMT. OPPEIN specializes in cabinetry manufacutreing and has 20 years excellent experience, and could offer CMT the best cabinets source support. CMT is the number-one in Myanmar furniture market, and it could let OPPEIN be familiared by more and more people in this country. OPPEIN is looking forward to win-win cooperation, if you need our support like CMT, please contact us.

About OPPEIN Home Group Inc.

OPPEIN Home Group Inc. founded in 1994, has more than 20 years of experience building high-end, fully customizable cabinets, and has become the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia. With 10,000 employees and 125 acres manufacture center equipped with advanced production equipment, there are thousands of quality cabinets produced annually in Oppein: 600,000+ sets of kitchen cabinets, 200,000+ wardrobes, 100,000+ bathroom cabinets and 250,000+ interior doors.

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Dec 14

OPPEIN Announces New Showroom Opening in Kuching Malaysia

We are delighted to invite you to our brand new showrooms in Kuching Malaysia on December 6th, and don’t miss its special opening promotion.

This showroom will showcase several sets of popular kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabients. Most of them are white accent, which gives you a serene peace in a busy contemporary life.

We are proud to announce that this is the ninth Oppein showroom in Malaysia, and you can find another 8 showrooms through here.


Tel: 082-480 993

Mobile: 016-800 2692


Add: NO.SE2i, Sublot 25, Lot 18475, Soho 188 East, Jalan Wan Alwi,

Tabuan Jaya, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.

 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-10 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-9 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-8 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-7 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-6 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-3 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-2 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-1Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-5 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-4

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Dec 14

7 Days Lead Time for Kitchen Cabients? OPPEIN Made it


Short lead time is always what clients want. Manufacturers in every industries are racking their brains to meet clients such demands, and Oppein is one of it. Oppein specializes in custom cabinets, and as the speciality of the product, the lead time often varies from 18 days to 60 days (Oppein Delivery Info).

An old saying goes: nothing is impossible for a willing heart. As to unremitting efforts of Oppein staff in exploring event process, 7 days lead time has finally come true, and you only need to follow three steps to get it.

>> 1. View Oppein 7 days page

>> 2.Choose one panel material avaliable

>>3. Send us your cabinets drawings.

Why Oppein can realize 7 days lead time?

Because we has a strong process, we know every steps of how-to-do , when-to-do ,what-to-do.

Because every staff know its responsibilities and expectations clearly.

Because we always know our must-have proorities.


(Below are panel material avaliable for your refernece)


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