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Assembly of Single Kitchen

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Hereby we give a brief introduction of the jointing parts that are used for assembling the kitchen cabinet ,including the barbed nuts , the joint screws and the cam.

Next ,let’s take a look at the mounting of hinges on the system holes. Firstly ,insert the rubber plugs into the system holes and secure the hinges onto the plastic plugs with screws .  In the end, put the plastic caps on system holes.  The standard technique of assembling hinges on system holes allows you to assemble and disassemble the hinges without damaging the side panels of the cabinet.

Assembly corner base cabinet


First of all, lets open the packaging to count the number of parts and inspect their quality.  Lay a blanket on the floor before assembly. Place the side panels flat on the floor and attach the joint parts(tenons) onto the two side panels.  Align the bottom panel, the fixed filler and the front and back setting levers with the holes and secure them with the cam.

 Afterward, place the other side panel in right place and secure with cam. Put the cabinet straight and use blade to remove away the excessive PVC covers on both ends of the back panel flutes.

In the end, insert the back panel in the flute and secure with screws. Please pay attention the back panel go along well with the flute. Otherwise, the lean of the cabinet body will take effect on the adjustment of the door panels.

To install the fixed filler on the corner cabinet, use a radius 4.2MM drill to drill a hole on the bottom panel at a place near the fixed filler.  

Use pneumatic screwdriver to turn at the hole positions to form countersink holes. Use 4*50 self -tapping screws to secure the fixed filler on the bottom panel. Keep the cabinet bottom up to install the adjustable feet. Measure 50MM from front side of the cabinet Normally install four feet on 400-700MM base cabinet and install six feet on 800 -1000 MM base cabinet.

Hereby we have finished the assembly for the body of corner base cabinet. Having finished the assembly of the cabinet body, lay the cabinet body on the floor with the back panel downward. Join fixing filler with the door panel by using straight door hinge.

Then, place the door panel on the fixing filler and level it with the bottom panel Secure it  with self-tapping screws onto the filler .In the end, adjust the door panel .The assembly of the corner base cabinet is completed .

For Kitchen Cabinet Assembly Video

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