Feb 12

Tips for Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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1. Color tolerance of solid wood door panel

Solid wood door panel was made of natural wood processed by more than 20 processes. One kind of natural wood can be classified into heartwood and sapwood、springwood and summerwood、cross-sawn wood and flat-sawn wood. Each wood has different color and grain, so it was unavoidable for the color difference of door panels. We can assure the color in same set of door panels will be almost the same, but a little different from the small samples displayed in store.


2. Surrounding environment and daily maintenance

Due to the feature of solid wood that can easily expand or shrink, a good surrounding environment is very important to solid wood kitchen cabinets.
Solid wood door panel can easily crack or distort if the surrounding environment is too wet or too dry. In moist weather, please keep the surrounding environment dry, wipe away the water drops left on floor and door panels, keeps ventilation in rooms. In dry weather, please put one basin of water in kitchen to keep air wet.
Please do not expose the kitchen cabinets directly to sunlight.


3. Repair of solid wood door panel

Please neglect the slight cracks if they appear at the combining joints of door panel but do not affect the structure and normal usage. Please contact your local dealer in case of severe cracks or distortions appear on the door panels and affect the structure and normal usage.


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