Feb 12

Usage and Maintenance of Kitchen Cabinets

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1. Countertop made of artificial stone

Check countertop regularly. Do not put irrelevant or easy-dyeing articles on the countertop; do not expose it to sunlight for a long period.

If there are stains on the surface of countertop, please wipe them up by soft wet rag with a little detergent or soap water first, and then use a soft dry rag to clean up the stains. Always keep the countertop dry by wiping any water drops on it using a soft dry rag to avoid color variation.

To avoid any damage to countertop, do not directly put high temperature objects (such as boiling water, bowl、pan and other kitchenware just taken out from stove、oven and microwave) and acidic objects on it.

Do not strike countertop with heavy or sharp objects, do not cut or chop food on the countertop directly to avoid scratch. Please contact the dealer to polish it in case of obvious scratch.

Please do not continuously cook by heavy-fire stove on countertop for a long period (not exceeding 12 hours each time) to avoid damage.


2. Door panels

Normally there should not appear unpleasant noises, jam-up, displacement or other abnormal phenomena when door panels are opened and closed. Otherwise, please call the dealer to adjust them. If door hinges rust or loosen, please call the dealer to replace or repair them.

Do not wipe the surface with hard objects or strike with sharp objects on the door panels.

To avoid any expansion and distortion, wipe any water drops or liquid away from the surface of door panels by dry soft rag in time.


3. Carcases

Open cabinet doors often to keep ventilation at the early days after installation.

Do not store irrelevant articles in the cabinets and clean up the inside surfaces of the cabinets frequently.

Wipe any liquid or water drops away from the carsase to keep carcase interiors dry. Often check carcase boards to ensure no exterior scars or edge band falling-off occurring.


4. Drawers & Slides, Metal hardware

Mind if there is any noise, looseness or non-smooth while pulling-pushing drawers. Wipe off dirt in the slides in time.

Do not store articles weight above 30KG in drawers. Do not adjust and dismantle drawers randomly.

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