Oct 14

What Does OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinet Look Like in Our Customer’s Home?

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OPPEIN kitchen cabinets have already been wildly accepted by South American customers, and today I’ll bring you to have a look at what the role does OPPEIN played in our customer’s kitchen.

Position: Chile, KFC boss home.

We all know that a functional space is a key aspect needed to consider when discovering kitchen remodeling ideas, and the clearly kitchen layout is the very first impression left to me when I step into the kitchen of KFC boss home. The OPPEIN custom cabinets, island, countertops, stone backsplash, lighting, sink and the other electrical appliance are working so well in the kitchen.

Overall, the kitchen looks modern but still with obvious South American elements. It has been infused with a palette of white, black and red that echoes the main accents of the house and adds a cozy feel to the open layout. The red chairs are eye-catching items in the kitchen, and the splash of red lends itself to warmth and energy, just like the owners.

In the end, I want to highlight the important function of the lacquer high cabinets. It has perfectly combined itself with the wall, and provides a functional storage place.

Interested in the look of the kitchen? Feel free to contact us:

Email: marketing@oppein.com

Phone: +86-13711175721

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