Dec 14

7 Days Lead Time for Kitchen Cabients? OPPEIN Made it

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Short lead time is always what clients want. Manufacturers in every industries are racking their brains to meet clients such demands, and Oppein is one of it. Oppein specializes in custom cabinets, and as the speciality of the product, the lead time often varies from 18 days to 60 days (Oppein Delivery Info).

An old saying goes: nothing is impossible for a willing heart. As to unremitting efforts of Oppein staff in exploring event process, 7 days lead time has finally come true, and you only need to follow three steps to get it.

>> 1. View Oppein 7 days page

>> 2.Choose one panel material avaliable

>>3. Send us your cabinets drawings.

Why Oppein can realize 7 days lead time?

Because we has a strong process, we know every steps of how-to-do , when-to-do ,what-to-do.

Because every staff know its responsibilities and expectations clearly.

Because we always know our must-have proorities.


(Below are panel material avaliable for your refernece)

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