Dec 14

Faster Than Ever – OPPEIN 7 Days Lead Time Kitchen Cabinets

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Good news for people frustrated in long and erratic lead time cabients. OPPEIN custom kitchen cabinets: the fastest lead time is now only 7 days.

To put it a simple way: you can place an order for our custome kitchen cabinets on Monday, you could get the tracking number on next Monday. To see an estimated arrival date, email us: marketing@oppein.com (with your cabinets drawings if you have).


This special 7 days lead time is for some cabinets materials only (View our 7 days lead time page). Compared to industry averages of 15 days, our custome kitchen cabinet is among the fastest to ship.

Our 7 days lead time is faster, but our cabinets are still the exact same high quality material you want. With 20 years experience in manufacturing cabients, OPPEIN has already achieved the technology to shorten lead times, sucn as quality raw material, professional designer teams, high technology, strong process management and so on.

The moment you place your order, we ship your kitchen cabinets out in 7 days. Faster, safer, qulity-guaranteed. That’s something we all devoted to.


Disclaimer: Due to size and complexity constraints of the custome kitchen cabinets, not all designs qualify for the 7 days lead time. This article does not guarantee that your design will ship out in 7 days.

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