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Jun 14

How to select the color of cabinet

In modern society, colors are applied to different products in various industries in order to increase richness of life. Cabinet’s colors change from a single natural wood color to variety of colors. Then how to select the color of cabinet from many of colors?

In Life, the common colors we can see include natural wood color, gray, silver and some bright colors like red, yellow, blue, green, etc. The color of kitchen cabinet can directly affect people’s mood when they having dinner. Through color you can show your feeling to kitchen and restaurant .Thus selection of cabinet’s color should not be underestimated.

If kitchen space is small, it is not suitable to choose dark colors. Because dark colors in small space will make people feel depressing. White or milky white is a better choice. But the biggest problem is that these two kinds of colors are relatively easy become dirty. It is not fit for lazy people. If you are diligent you could choose them. Silver is also suitable for small kitchen space, and its edges can match colorful borders. In short, cabinet’s integral colors should match flooring and ceiling’s colors. Small kitchen‘s wall better select white tiles. Besides, we should not use patterns with three-dimensional sense or decoration materials with high contrast because that will make kitchen visually appear narrow and easy to make people having uneven illusion.

If you like bright colors and your kitchen space is large enough, you can sprinkle colors in your kitchen to the fullest on the premise of coordination of integral colors. You can optionally select dreamy blue, relaxed green, passionate red , honorable yellow and some other beautiful colors. Of course, understated silver, traditional white and wood colors also are good choices.

Affected by traditional culture, Chinese have a special attachment to home and like to create a warm feeling for their home. Facing plenty metal kitchen utensils, how can we ease the sense of cold to give people the feeling of warmth. The secret lies in the use of soft and natural colors. Cabinet combination of natural wood color with simple pattern design have rich rurality ; light colored oak texture show the beauty of elegant, that make design of kitchen appear more fresh .

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Dec 13

How to install the kitchen cabinet

Construction Technology   

Find the Line Positioning — Frame Installation — Partition Supporting Point Installation — Cabinet Door Installation — Hardware Installation   

Tools / Raw Material (cabinet door and hardware accessories, etc)


1 Line Positioning: Use the interior unified elevation lines, according to the elevation requirements of construction drawing design, the upper and lower mouth height to determine the corresponding position.  

2 Frame Installation:

(1) After kitchen cabinet frame and support were installed in the right position, the frame fixed points on both sides should use two nails to nail into the wall brick, and nail heads cannot be exposed. If the partition wall is light material, according to the requirement of design method to fix. If there is no design requirement, it can be firstly drilled ¢5 mm hole of 90 ~ 100 mm depth, buried wooden wedges, and the corresponding wooden wedges stick glue mud, which put into the holes for nailing the frame.     

(2)  Before fixed, the frame should be adjusted, set square, hung straight, checked the elevation, size and position. 

3 Partition Supporting Point Installation 

According to the partition elevation of construction drawing and structural requirement of supporting point to install the supporting bar, supporting frame and strutting piece.   

4 Cabinet Door Installation

(1)   According to door’s specification and size to determine hardware’s model and specification. For the cutting mouth direction, it should be generally based on the right door of opening direction as cover mouth door.     

(2)   Check doorway size. The doorway height should be measured the upper at both ends; the doorway width should be measured three points (upper, middle, bottom) on both sides, and make fixed point and lineation in its corresponding position.   

(3)   Cabinet door shaping: According to lineation to shaping for the first time, so that keep suitable seam between cabinet doors. Try to install and draw shaping line for the second time, at the same time, draw the position of framework hinge groove, pay attention to avoid the upper and bottom rail.    

(4)   Spade and take out the hinge groove to install: According to designated hinge position, use flat spade to dig out the hinge side line that can take out the hinge groove.   

How to install the cabinet door?

(1) When installation, the hinge lights should be pressured into the hinge grooves. After correction, it must be screwed and fixed by screws. When try to install, adjust the gap between framework and hinge groove. When fixation, each hinge light screws a screw, and then closed. Check the flatness between framework and door, all the screws must be screwed tightly after conforming to the requirements. Wood screws should be nailed into 1/3 of the full-length, screw-in 2/3.  

(2) Install opened doors: At first, measure the door frame size, determine the middle counterpart seam and cutting depth. After lineation, make the gouging. When this process is appropriate, first install the left door, and then closing cover.     

5 Hardware Installation     

(1) According to the design requirement to the varieties, specification, and quantity. When installation, pay attention to the position selection, operation should be performed according to the technical disclosure if no specific size.

In generally, you should install the template firstly, and then large-area installation after confirmation.

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Aug 13

The difference and connection between the integral kitchen and the integral kitchen cabinet.

The difference and connection:

1、The integral kitchen regards kitchen as a whole. According to kitchen operation characteristics, the kitchen cabinet is a carrier, the organic integrity is reasonable settlement for furniture, appliances, range hood, stove, gas appliances and sink, etc. uniting functions such as cooking, washing, preparation, storage and garbage collection. Reasonably combing the energy and facilities in the kitchen, both do cooking that harmless to human body and have the function of beautifying the environment and decorating at the same time.

2、Integral kitchen cabinet separates itself from the house, which according to human engineering of cooking habits and procedures, and combine with a series of function such as washing, cutting, cooking and storage can be completed in this system, basically achieve the scientific and integrated degree. The cabinet system includes base cabinet, wall cabinet, countertop and sink, hardware accessories such as boiler, bowl, spoon and pot what can be placed.

3、There has a certain distance away from integral kitchen cabinet to integral kitchen, the packages of applied products are not completely, because there is no achieve highly standardization, and some facilities are not compatible. Integral kitchen represents the different design concept, service quality and quality of life; it does not only consider the wall, roof, floor, door, window and light, but also include furniture and electrical equipment, which is a broader concept.

4、Recommended kitchen renovation, drawing standard and ultimate goal construction design that is in harmony with the house, one pace reaches the designated position. In order to avoid a set of complete cabinet buying home, the more and complicated pipelines, which cause the back panel and bottom panel are pulled down or cut off a certain block, the result will be incomplete until the decoration has been.

5、Elements such as appliances and environment are into consideration when producing the integral kitchen cabinet, its range hood, microwave oven, oven and so on are matched with cabinet, regardless of color, size or style, it is really a step closer to the concept of integral kitchen.

6、Summary: Integral kitchen is the wider concept; blending space is larger, in addition, the more appliances, kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, and environmental factors and so on are into consideration.

The structure of cabinet has base cabinet, wall cabinet, pantry cabinet, its functions include washing, cooking, preparation, storage. The kitchen cabinet is generally made of countertop, door panel, cabinet, appliance and sink.

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Jun 13

There mainly have the following several kinds of issues what needs to be noticed for custom kitchen cabinet.

1. Material. It is the main factors to affect the quality of the kitchen cabinet, different materials result in different quality in the end, also not the same price. Kitchen cabinet material is mainly particle board、density board. In the import of particle board, Grass Egger、Italy Shirley board and so on is common in the market, all aspects of the performance is very excellent. In domestic particle board, dew river、Apple board and other brands are common. They all use import design manufacture, and veneers are also imported, its bearing is good, not easy to deformation, at the same time, environmental protection reach E1 grade standard. 

2. The hardware accessories. The basic hardware accessories of kitchen cabinet are hinge and drawer (slide rail). The quality of kitchen cabinet hardware accessories is directly related to kitchen cabinet service life and price. Better kitchen cabinet generally uses imported hinge and drawer (slide rail). Famous hardware brands have Hettich、Ferrari、Blum and so on in the world, their  service life is in commonly more than one hundred thousand times. In addition,one of the important conditions is drawer (slide rail) to measure a set of kitchen cabinet performance ratio, generally speaking, standard configutation have wooden drawers and metal drawer. With the improvement of hierarchy, metal drawer is gradually becoming the market mainstream; wooden drawer is mostly for low-cost kitchen cabinet. 

3. Craft. In appearance, to view the  edgeband strip of cabinet door, cabinet body whether neat, smooth. The kitchen cabinet uses machine to edge tape, which feels smooth. Long-term uses of such product won’t bonding gap, blistering and deformation. Whether can use32mmcraft for design and production is also an important condition to measure the quality of the kitchen cabinet. Using32mmcraft for design and production, not only can improve the production efficiency, but also can improve, ensure product quality. The most obvious sign of32mmcraft is two rows of system holes side panel, through them can accurately install hardware accessories, etc. Some products of the manufacturers also have system holes, but not completely apply or not. It is able to note this issue in the purchase. 

4. Service. For any products, after-sale service is very important. Good service is a part of product value. Products price of many small factories is very cheap, but the warranty period is short or not, once something is wrong that is difficult to get a reasonable solution. So consumers must ask the issues about product warranty clearly when orders kitchen cabinet, they should be recommended to choose the bigger brands, such as” Oppein kitchen cabinet “. Oppein is kitchen cabinet manufacturers of biggest scale integral homes production industrial park inAsia, which has 500000 square meters. Product sales throughout the world, there are more than 2000 franchise stores to serviceChinaand around the world. 

Finally, proposing customers to find professional designers to help you measure gauge and design kitchen cabinet design sketch, communicate more with designers, so that can really help you purchase the suitable kitchen cabinet.

Mar 13

Export Packing Information for OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinets


OPPEIN usually uses two methods for kitchen cabinet packing. One is RTA (Ready to assemble) and the other is fully assembled.

As to the glass and countertops, we use cartons for packing and reinforce them with wooden frames to avoid breakage in transit. 

OPPEIN kitchen cabinet packing information 

RTA (Ready to assemble) Packing Procedure: 

1. After production and inspection of kitchen cabinets, they will be packed in cartons next. First of all, foamed plastics are placed at the bottom of the carton ready for panels packing. 

2. And then, every panel in cartons is separately lined with EPE foam sheets and air bubble films. 

3. After finishing that, foamed plastics are placed at the top of carton to ensure that panels are wrapped very well. 

4. Concerning the packing of the glass and countertops, OPPEIN packs them to a carton that is covered with wooden frames. This is particularly important for preventing countertop and glass from breakage during shipment. 

5. Without wooden frames, OPPEIN panels in cartons will be bound with rope externally. 

6. Every client who bought OPPEIN cabinetry products has a contract number for his order. This contract number and product name will be marked on the outside of each carton before shipment. 

7. The regular strong seaworthy Packing is done. 

8. Finally, pre-packaged cartons will be unloaded onto the warehouse waiting for shipment.

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Sep 12

INTERIOR DOOR – Solid & hollow door core option

INTERIOR DOOR – Solid & hollow door core option


(1)Laminated timber keel               (1)Laminated timber keel            (1)Laminated timber keel

(2)Honeycomb core                       (2)Wood blocks                          (2)Tubular core



(1)Laminated timber keel              (1)Raw wood



Sep 12


We offer a qualified private space, let bath time be a very relaxing part of your life.


  Toilet                          Shower                           Bath                              Personal Care


Sep 12



Seldom Used            Often Used                  Rarely Used               Clothes Zone  


Pants Zone              Bedding Zone              Shoes & Socks           Personal Adornment

We separate wardrobe into 5 storage zones. Herein you can orderly organize your storage according to different dresses and social roles you play.

The design of three flexible spaces can help you to attain the most efficient storage solution.






Aug 12


Consumables     Non-Consumables       Cleaning              Preparation           Cooking


A model kitchen design shall meet below:

Clear function zone layout: based on kitchen motion, we separate kitchen into five function zones, not only keeping your storage. well organized but help you achieve the most time-saving and efficient workflow.

Comfortable physical experience: our ergonomic design can customize a unique space according to user’s height and other habits.

Health oriented: E1 compliant panel is our minimum promise. The glue and lacquer are supplied by global well known brands. We can keep formaldehyde and other otic chemicals emission lowest to guard you and your family safe.

Aesthetics oriented: a good kitchen is not only a simple cooking place, but also a social place. We can deliver you an art kitchen, here you can proudly and elegantly present before your family and friends.

Aug 12

The project in Canada – OPPEIN kitchen cabinet, Bathroom cabinet, Wardrobe.

The project in Canada – OPPEIN kitchen cabinet,  Bathroom cabinet,  Wardrobe.  OPPEIN has many projects in Canada,  welcome to contact us to any queries relate to home decoration.

We wil provide you:

Professional Service & Supports
Wide range product series and flexible prices to meet diversified expectations
Global harmonized design and ergonomics compliant

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