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May 14

OPPEIN Receives Good Market Repercussion from Indonesia

OPPEIN successfully concluded its show in the 13th Mega Build exhibition in April, which receives good market repercussion.

The 13th Mega Build, which is held in Jakarta, Indonesia, is the premier event for Indonesia Architecture, Interior Design and Building Industry to congregate, share and experience the latest design trends, solutions, materials, systems and technology. OPPEIN have attended the exhibition many times.


OPPEIN’s excellent exhibits surprised the customers a lot. We exhibit the red ship-shape kitchen cabinet, which is featured by beautiful shape, good material, environmental-friendly design. It refreshes the local people’s understanding of kitchen cabinet design. We made thorough preparation for the exhibition: elaborate decoration, professional service, little gifts such as umbrellas and cups with OPPEIN logo, leaving the customer a deep impression.



We receive good market repression from Indonesia. Many local families demand to customize home furniture and make unique design according to their requirements. Moreover, we receive large enquires from the builders and contractors. Many customers express their appreciation on OPPEIN products and their willing to cooperate with us in a long term.

OPPEIN will continue improving itself and offering our customers satisfactory products and service!

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May 14

OPPEIN perfectly concluded the show in the 115th Canton Fair

The exhibition of OPPEIN in the Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) came to a successful conclusion. As we did in each year, we show the finest design of OPPEIN. It is to be noted here that new bright spots and new experience are presented to our customers in this time.

The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair ) is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Canton (Guangzhou) . The Fair is the largest trade fair in China . Among China’s largest trade fairs, it has the largest assortment of products, the largest attendance, and the largest number of business deals made at the fair.
OPPEIN attend the phase one & two of the Canton Fair. In phase one, we showed kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and wooden door; in phase two, we showed kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinet. OPPEIN defines the special connotation of creativity, and we design our fantastic products. The core idea of OPPEIN is “love”. Under the guide of this idea, we committed to building a warm and loving family.

A glimpse of the kitchen cabinet in phase one & two
Model: OP14-068 & OP14-107


The purchaser and customers show great interest and enthusiasm on OPPEIN products. Our sales enjoy their great time with them and feel excited to hear customers’ appreciation on our design. A purchaser said the fact that he has attended the Canton Fair so many times, OPPEIN always bringing him special feeling and new experience, which surprised him a lot. After the check and first-hand experience of the customers, the majority of them express their willing to cooperate with us.


The atmosphere is so harmonious!

The end of the Canton Fair means an ending as well as a beginning to OPPEIN. Henceforth, our professional team will dedicate their talent and expertise to insure the highest quality products and service. Looking forward to the next big surprise!

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May 14

OPPEIN will attend the Architect Expo 2014 in Thailand

OPPEIN will attend the Architect Expo, which is held in Thailand from 29th, April to 4th, May 2014.

At that time, our fantastic design of kitchen cabinet, wardrobe will be showed. Just grasp this opportunity and have a visit on spot. OPPEIN’s high-quality and professional services will never let you down.

 Thani exhibition insight

The Architect Expo, which is held once a year, aims at creating opportunities for developers, designers, consultants, etc. to meet up with worldwide manufacturers and distributors in building industry.

It is the most important and professional as well as the most authoritative exposition in Thailand. OPPEIN has attended the Architect Expo many times before.


Welcome to our booths! the specific information is as following:

Address: Impact challenger Hall 1~3 Muang Thani

Booth No.: 313/2

Contact Person: Ann

Local Phone: 00660950215811

Date: Tuesday 29th, April—Sunday 4th, May 2014

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May 14

OPPEIN was enthusiasm invited to Reunion exhibition


OPPEIN was enthusiasm invited to Reunion exhibition

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Cindy, the sales of OPPEIN will launch a visit on Reunion Island, one of the overseas departments of France, from 28th, April to 4th, May. We aimed at assisting the local OPPEIN’s showroom client in dealing with business affairs in the exhibition “salon de la maison”.

OPPEIN, founded in 1994, owns rich experience in oversea market. OPPEIN has already set up many showrooms, exclusive agents and prep agents all over the world. The OPPEIN products are famous for its high quality, unique design and advanced manufacture technology, we committed to creating a family full of love and warmth.

We set up the showroom in the Reunion Island in March, 2014. It exhibits superb OPPEIN kitchen cabinets & home furniture. As the largest cabinetry manufacture in China, we focus on quality and use only the highest quality materials. If you want to have a deeper comprehension about OPPEIN products, just go there to see them on spot. “seeing is believing”!

The address: Eurl Faoe Mobirama 258 Avenue de Bourbon 97440 Saint andré Reunion island

Linkman: Fayyaz Hathia

Cell phone : +262 692 57 41 15

Reunion exhibition

OPPEIN spares no effort to offer professional suggestion to our customers and solve their problems. If you have the willing to have a business negotiation with our sales or if you want to join OPPEIN, just grasp this opportunity to have a deep talk with our sales.

Linkman: Cindy

Date: 28th, April— 4th, May

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May 14

OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinet Exhibit at International Builders Show


This is the 5th time we attend International Builders Show.

This is the 5th time we attend International Builders Show.
With the professional installation help from our customer, we have installed a prefect custom kitchen sample on our booth. Each and every detail shows our pursuance of perfection and quality for our customers. See the photo below.
OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinet Exhibit at International Builders Show1
In a word, the show is busy and good. Many visitors are attracted by our unique European design style kitchen. In this kitchen, there are all kinds of accessories shown, such as base cabinet basket, built-in drawers, cornet pots and pans turn table, cutlery divider, plate holders, and so on. Many visitors just can’t help themselves bubbling this idea they can take this kitchen to their showrooms right now.
Oppein mainly focus on custom kitchen, but we are also trying to make kitchen cabinets in stock according to American market requirements.
Our client from New York brings his congratulations to Oppein. We appreciated a lot. (Our client in the middle, Oppein general manager on right, product consults on left)
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Jan 14

OPPEIN has been a member of Master Builders Association of Western Australia

Good news, OPPEIN has established relationship with the Master Builders Association of Western Australia as a member gloriously on Jan this year.

The association which we associate with has been representing and promoting the views and interests of the building and construction industry in Western Australia since 1898. In addition, the Master Builders Association of Western Australia is serving for home builders, commercial builders, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants in both commercial and residential sectors as a member-based association.

So why are we selected? As the largest manufacture center in Asia, OPPEIN has over 10000 employees in headquarter, over 3500 stores all over China and its products has exported to over 100 countries and regions almost existing every corner of the world! OPPEIN manufacture custom and wholesale products, such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom products, furniture, interior wooden doors, solid surface products, and so on.

Undoubtedly, this important event that OPPEIN becomes to be a member of Master Builders will inspire OPPEIN to provide more superior quality merchandise. Meanwhile, more and more customer will enjoy our distinguished service.

At last, happy New Year, wish all your dreams come true. More information please visit our web

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Oct 13

OPPEIN Live Report of 114th Autumn Canton Fair, 2013


In this 114th China Import and Export Fair, the first phase of exhibition started on Oct. 15 and withdrew on Oct. 19, 2013.

During the overall Canton Fair,we could know that the exhibitors and attendees in Cabinetry Industry were slightly less than before. There were several factors what caused many suppliers to give up their foreign trade business,
 1. Still not perfect technology
 2. Not ideal price
 3. Could not meet the market needs
Fortunately, OPPEIN booth could still attract a large number of customers, which came from different countries (Garner, India, Canada, Australia, Syria, Nigeria, Russia, etc). There are various types of customers (designers, developers, architects, builders and single family, customers wanted to establish oversea showroom, etc.) came to OPPEIN booth and showed us their interests of OPPEIN.
In the first phase of exhibition, OPPEIN showed different products to the customers, including Kitchen Cabinet, Bathroom Cabinet and Interior Door, etc.
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Oct 13

Ushered in the 114th pageant, which officially opened to the public in Guangzhou.

Release Date: 2013-10-15   Source: Canton Fair Communication   Reporter: Xiao Wenge

On October 15th, China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair) traversed 57 years’ splendid history, and then ushered in the 114th pageant, which officially opened to the public in Guangzhou. The opening reception was held on 14th, the Canton Fair director, Guangdong governor Zhu Xiaodan and Canton Fair vice director, Commerce vice Minister Gao Yan attended and delivered a speech.

Zhu Xiaodan was on behalf of Canton Fair Leadership Council and Guangdong Provincial People’s Government for a warm welcome to the guests, and thanked them for the long-standing support of Canton Fair and Guangdong reform development. He pointed out that the Canton Fair as the leading force and conic brand in China’s exhibition industry, which promoted foreign trade cooperation, enhanced the level of the open economy development and played an important role in the bridge and platform.

Zhu Xiaodan stressed that the 114th Canton Fair will further enhance the exhibition quality and professional level, excavate the investment potential, expand the information exchange, optimize the service connotation and promote the exhibition green low carbon development. In addition, set up the Canton Fair export product design award for the first time to closely combine between trade exhibition and industrial design, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, innovation and development, and provide better quality, more professional, more efficient procurement and business services for domestic and foreign businessmen.

He said, Guangdong Provincial People’s Government will continue to support the innovation and development of Canton Fair, under the Ministry of Commerce’s guidance, support and help, constantly improve the supporting facilities, effort to create efficient and convenient, safe and harmonious trade business environment for businessmen.

Gao Yan said, the Chinese government is actively guiding enterprises to fleetly cultivate the new foreign trade competition advantages what put the technology, brand, quality and service as the core to strive for winning more favorable position in the future world economic development. Since 57 years, Canton Fair has continuously reformed and innovated, perfected service and paid more attention to the coordinated development of foreign trade balance, which has always played an important role in the realization of Chinese and foreign enterprises’ common development and win-win cooperation.

Gao Yan pointed out that the friends at home and abroad can gather together to jointly make the Canton Fair become “More Feature, Higher Level, More Productive” Pageant, which is in order to make a positive contribution for promoting the development of Chinese economy and world economy.

Canton Fair vice director and secretary general Wang Zhiping presided over the reception, Canton Fair vice director and Guangdong vice governor Zhao Yufang, Canton Fair vice director and Guangzhou mayor Chen Jianhua attended the reception. There are more than 320 domestic and foreign guests to participate in the reception.

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Oct 13

2013 China International Kitchen Cabinet Expo

Exhibition Profile 

If the Chinese furniture industry has been gradually into the mature stage, Chinese kitchen cabinet industry has just entered the growth stage. According to statistics, Chinese kitchen cabinet industry has the certain scale enterprises are approximately more than 500, but the market has great potential.   

 At present, the market capacity of European integrated kitchen cabinet is 120 billion Yuan or so, which predicts American kitchen cabinet market’s needs will rebound quickly and increase to 2014 as an annual rate of 7.4% after living through the crisis in 2009. American kitchen cabinet market’s needs are now $10.6 billion, whileChinais second largest kitchen cabinet importer inAmerica. Although the export market is facing many difficulties, but as the first furniture producer, the advantages ofChinaare still apparently, with the economy gradually improved, the export market will still keep gains.  

 According to the domestic market, the integrated kitchen cabinet originated in Europe and theUnited States, it was introduced intoChinafrom the late 80 s and early 90 s. Since the mid 90 s, Chinese enterprises have begun to produce kitchen furniture, after 20 years’ development, the kitchen furniture has become a major industry in the furniture industry with more than 20 billion of output value. But as the development of domestic housing reform, the application and popularization of integrated kitchen cabinet are very quickly and market potential is tremendous, which has become a sunrise industry.   

 Exhibition Aircraft Carrier   the Worldwide Buyers    

As three largest furniture exhibition in the world—one of six theme exhibitions of China International Furniture Expo, China International Kitchen Cabinet Expo is truly the world-class industry event. The 16th China International Furniture Expo in 2010 received a total of 62, 387 high quality and professional buyers, including 15,028 overseas buyers, which are from 150 countries and regions and spread over five continents. It can be called the world-class “aircraft carrier” exhibition in theChina furniture industry.

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Sep 13

The 114th China Import and Export Fair (Guanzhou Autumn Canton Fair)


The 114th China Import and Export Fair (Guangzhou Autumn Canton Fair)will be held in China Import and Export Fair Complex.Comparison with previous annual shows , this year, we will give you a big surprise!!! Let’s look forward to it.

At this fair, OPPEIN is ready for 2 booths separately to display different cabinetry samples. One booth that is A21-22, B03-04, B45-46, Hall 11.2, Area B will display kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, solid surface and interior door in the Building Materials of phase1 from Oct.15 to 19, 2013. The other booth that is J33-34, K13-14, Hall 11.2, Area B will display wardrobe exhibits in the Home Decorations of phase 2 from Oct.23 to 27,2013.
Name: The 114th China Import and Export Fair
Dates: Phase1: Oct.15 to 19, 2013; Phase2: Oct. 23 to 27, 2013
OPPEIN Booth: phase1: A21-22, B03-04, B45-46, Hall 11.2, Area B;
phase2: J33-34, K13-14, Hall 11.2, Area B
Venue: canton fair in autumn, Guangzhou
OPPEIN Booths Total Area :
phase1: 54㎡ ;
phase2: 36㎡
Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Haizhu district, Guangzhou, China
About Canton Fair 
The full name of canton fair is China import and export fair, which is held April and October every year in Guangzhou. It founded in the spring of 1957 and has been more than 55 years of history; it is comprehensive international trade event which has China oldest history, highest level, largest scale, completest varieties of commodity, most purchasers and widespread, best effect and credibility at present. During the canton fair, exhibition will show different kinds of products in different time period.

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