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Dec 14

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Celebrates Grand Opening of OPPEIN Showroom

OPPEIN Home Group Inc., founded in 1994, has opened its largest overseas showroom in Myanmar to meet the local growing need for quality cabinets. The new 1,000 sq.ft. showroom is located at NO, 10, Karbaraye Pagoda Road, 8 Miles, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar and will showcase OPPEIN’s high-end kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabients and furnitures.

Cham Myae Tha (CMT), agent of OPPEIN, is the largest furniture agency in Myanmar. On 23rd November, it held a splendid ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of its new CMT furniture center, the whole fourth floor of which is OPPEIN showroom. Mayor of Yangon, local high officials were in attendance, as well as investores, suppliers and journalists.







This is a win-win cooperation for OPPEIN and CMT. OPPEIN specializes in cabinetry manufacutreing and has 20 years excellent experience, and could offer CMT the best cabinets source support. CMT is the number-one in Myanmar furniture market, and it could let OPPEIN be familiared by more and more people in this country. OPPEIN is looking forward to win-win cooperation, if you need our support like CMT, please contact us.

About OPPEIN Home Group Inc.

OPPEIN Home Group Inc. founded in 1994, has more than 20 years of experience building high-end, fully customizable cabinets, and has become the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia. With 10,000 employees and 125 acres manufacture center equipped with advanced production equipment, there are thousands of quality cabinets produced annually in Oppein: 600,000+ sets of kitchen cabinets, 200,000+ wardrobes, 100,000+ bathroom cabinets and 250,000+ interior doors.

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Dec 14

OPPEIN Announces New Showroom Opening in Kuching Malaysia

We are delighted to invite you to our brand new showrooms in Kuching Malaysia on December 6th, and don’t miss its special opening promotion.

This showroom will showcase several sets of popular kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabients. Most of them are white accent, which gives you a serene peace in a busy contemporary life.

We are proud to announce that this is the ninth Oppein showroom in Malaysia, and you can find another 8 showrooms through here.


Tel: 082-480 993

Mobile: 016-800 2692

Add: NO.SE2i, Sublot 25, Lot 18475, Soho 188 East, Jalan Wan Alwi,

Tabuan Jaya, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.

 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-10 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-9 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-8 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-7 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-6 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-3 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-2 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-1Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-5 Kuching-Malaysia-Oppein-4

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Nov 14

Experience OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinets in Showroom Petaling Jaya

OPPEIN will open a new showroom in Malaysia on 7th November. This showroom covers an area of 125 ㎡, including 4 sets of kitchen cabinets, 3 sets of wardrobes, 2 sets of bathroom cabinets and some small cabinets samples.

Except this Petaling Jaya showroom, OPPEIN has another 9 showrooms in nearly every province of Malaysia. Learn more OPPEIN Malaysia showrooms.

Contact Person: Dave Lee.

TEL / FAX : +603- 78800068

Mobile: 012 2346532.


Company Name: OPPEIN HOME (M) SDN BHD.

Address: 117, Ground Floor, Jalan SS 25/2, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


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Aug 14

One Day Experience in OPPEIN New Zealand Showroom

Kitchen renovation is always a big “project” for a family, Sarah Huffman deeply knows it. In the past couple of months, Sarah has been busy looking for a perfect cabinet for her kitchen, one mall to another mall, one showroom to another showroom. “Kitchen renovation is really a torture to me, so many kinds of cabinets to choose from, but I still haven’t found the right one, you know, I am a perfectionist, haha”. Said Sarah.

This is another sunny day in New Zealand, but it’s a big day for Sarah. She gets on her car and told me that she wants to have a look at Oppein cabinets in Addington, Christchurch.

“Last night, I complained about the kitchen renovation to my friend, and she told me that her uncle finished his renovation lately, and used the OPPEIN cabinets, that cabinets looks stunning she said, and recommended it to me” Sarah said happily, as if she will soon meet her angle. “I am not quite familiar with this brand, I searched it last night, and read an Oppein news that on May a showroom opened in New Zealand, and I am quite happy it’s near my home, just need a short drive”

Oppein New Zealand-3

Half an hour later, we arrive at showroom: 121 wrights road, Addington, Christchurch, “I browsed lots of cabinets pictures in Oppein official website, all of them look gorgeous, but I don’t know whether the real one is same to the picture or not, haha, OPPEIN, please don’t let me down.” Sarah said and headed to the showroom.

Sarah pointed at a large cube building to me. “Wow, the outside of this showroom looks quite special and modern; I like the color combination of orange and black.”

“Welcome to Oppein, Madame, what can I do for you?” A salesman named Tomas warmly greeted to us when we stepped into it.

“Wanna see some kitchen cabinets” Said Sarah,” I like the contemporary style not the vintage.”

“This way please,” Tomas said, “we have showcased several popular sets of contemporary kitchen cabinets here”


Oppein New Zealand-2

“Wow, looks great.” Sarah seems to be quite satisfied with the lacquer kitchen cabinets. “I like it, but my kitchen space is a bit smaller than this”

“Don’t worry, Oppein is brand devoted to custom cabinets, we have professional team to build a perfect cabinets to your exact specification.”

“I love it, but I never heard of it before, and I get to know that your showroom is opened lately” Sarah asked and felt uncertain.

“You are right, we opened it on May, and we are the only OPPEIN dealership in New Zealand.” Tomas replied, “New Zealand is a new market to our company. As we have a big customer base in Australia and it’s still growing, so it makes sense that we set up a new showroom in Zealand, and it also make it easier for our customers here to experience our products first hand.”

“Oppein is from which country?” Sarah continued asked.

“Oppein is from China, the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia, and has 20 years experience in cabinetry, nearly 100 showrooms around the world. Our quality are guaranteed, we use high-quality and eco-friendly material, have famous designers, certificated installers, meticulous after-sales service”.

Oppein New Zealand-6

“Sounds great, I trust your company. Look at that wardrobe.” Sarah exclaimed, “You company designs wardrobe, right?”

“Yes, we manufacture kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom cabinets, wooden door, and any other cabinets would appear in your home, maybe I should show you around, and experience our other  products.”

When we left Oppein showroom, Sarah said: “have a very exciting time here, and I finally find my perfect cabinets. I even can imagine my dreamed kitchen, wow, fabulous.”

Oppein New Zealand-8

Oppein New Zealand-1

Oppein New Zealand-5

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Aug 14

The Second Showroom Opens in Jakarta, Indonesia

OPPEIN Home Groupe Inc. (headquarters in China), announced that it will open the second Jakarta showroom on 16th August, to meet the growing demand for custom cabinets in Jakarta ,Indonesia, and boost OPPEIN brand promotion and sales. The new space will showcase a rich array of classic OPPEIN kitchen cabinets &wardrobe, which can exactly express the unique styles and esthetics of OPPEIN. For more products information, please click here.

OPPEIN Jakarta,Indonesia-3


Grand Opening, Special Offers:

1. Every customer can get surprise gifts.

2. “Lucky Draw”, chance to win attractive prizes

3. Huge Discounts on cabinets

If you are around the showroom, don’t miss this great chance.






TELP: 021-3620-2028


Since setting up the first OPPEIN showroom in Jakarta (showroom add: Jl.Industri Km.12.,5 Sukadamai Cikupa Tangerang 15710), the development of our cabinets business has a rapid expansion. Without doubt, the boom of cabinets markets should attribute to the growth of the Indonesia economy, so we’ve been making effort to promote product development and set up relevant team to serve the local customers, as well as bring their home more inspirations, warmth and character. If your local economy are in boom and has a large demand for high-end kitchen cabinets, don’t miss the great chance to gain your “first pot of gold”, Join Oppein as a Dealer.

Oppein new showroom Indonesia-2-2

Oppein new showroom Indonesia-1-1

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