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Aug 14

OPPEIN Brings Love to the Adelaide Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Turning your calendar to September, you’ll find that there are some important Chinese festivals waiting for you – The Mid-Autumn Festival and the following National Day. In the southern hemisphere, there are many celebration events are in busy preparation, and one of them is The First Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Celebration for Adelaide Overseas Students, which has been sponsored by OPPEIN Adelaide.

Event Time: 8th September, 2014

Address: Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000

Mid-Autumn Festival is on the 15th day of the eighth Chinese Lunar month, also known as the Moon Lantern Festival and Moon-cake Festival. In Chinese tradition, family members would gather together, eat delicious moon-cakes, and gaze at the impeccable moon at its fullest in this day. An old saying goes: On festive occasions, more than ever one thinks of one’s dear ones far away. OPPEIN hopes everyone can truly feel the warmth of home in this special festival no matter where you are. The culture philosophy of OPPEIN is: Home, Family and Love, we want our stylish cabinets could help people create a place where you’ll love to call home, in the same way, OPPEIN also want to bring home warmth to those overseas students. In order to let them feel at home and fully deliver OPPEIN’s culture philosophy, an event sponsored by OPPEIN in Adelaide, The First Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Celebration for Adelaide Overseas Students, would be hold on 8th September, at Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000, and everybody are welcomed to celebrate the special festival together.

This event has got lots of support from local presses and different community groups, including Australian Chinese Daily, Adelaide Chinese iAge Weekly, Adelaide BBS, and three students unions from Adelaide local universities. In addition to the strong support team, there is a full range of activities in this celebration event, talent shows, China’s traditional instrument performance, singing, dancing and creative games. Sponsors also have prepared a dazzling array of prizes, so come out with your friends, enjoy delicious moon-cakes and win the big prize!

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Jul 14

OPPEIN Opens a New Showroom in Adelaide

Cabinetry manufacturer OPPEIN Inc. has opened a new showroom in Australia some time ago, which locates in NO.134-136 Grote Street, Adelaide. This showroom has showcased some OPPEIN ever-popular cabinets and the latest works, as well as a host of other home accessories and appliance.

Oppein Adelaide showroom-1

With the opening of the new showroom in Adelaide, more people in this district could buy OPPEIN products conveniently and enjoy its supreme custom service from now on. At the same time, the showroom can build a stronger bridge between OPPEIN and its customers, especially untapped customers. The showroom will also make people feel closer to OPPEIN, and enhances the recognition of the brand.

Oppein Adelaide showroom-2

Visitors to the new showroom will find this place looking like an Alice’s wonder hole: at every turn, they would be welcomed by a distinct home, and I bet everybody there could encounter a perfect kitchen cabinet or wardrobe they have long wanted to own. View the following photos we took straight from Adelaide showroom, if those photos cannot meet your desire, you can find your local dealer of OPPEIN and experience firsthand in a comprehensive manner.

Because of the uncompromising quality and stylish looks, OPPEIN cabinets are popular with people from almost every country. We have showrooms all over the world, and the number is still growing. If you want to be an OPPEIN dealer, please feel free to contact us.

Oppein Adelaide showroom-3

Oppein Adelaide showroom-4

The red kitchen cabinet above is a classic staple of OPPEIN. In our latest collaboration with some builders, many of them have ordered it.

Oppein Adelaide showroom-5

Oppein Adelaide showroom-6

Oppein Adelaide showroom-7

Oppein Adelaide showroom-8

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Jul 14

OPPEIN Goes to the Build & Renovating Expo, Melbourne

OPPEIN team has had an amazing time at the Build & Renovating Expo and has received lots of chance to communicate with our future clients face-to-face. We featured our stand with our latest lacquer cabinet, which has drawn in many interested builders, project managers and architects. You can catch a glimpse of our happy EXPO experience through below pictures.

oppein Melbourne Expo 1
OPPEIN team! Professional and Approachable!

When the three-day EXPO ended, our team felt very excited, because we have been very busy dealing with a lot of business and have received great feedback from clients. We estimated that nearly three fourths of the enquiries are serious about our products. Bravo!

If you are a builder in search of high-quality cabinets and has missed the chance to contact us face-to-face in the Melbourne Expo, don’t worry, you just need to sit comfortably in your home and contact our sales consultant on the web, and then you’ll get everything you want to know about OPPEIN.

oppein Melbourne Expo 2

View the photo above. Have you sensed a hint of warmth and character from our OPPEIN featured cabinet? Browse more photos and start dreaming of your sweet home, because with OPPEIN Cabinetry, the dream becomes reality.

oppein Melbourne Expo 3

oppein Melbourne Expo 4

OPPEIN team showing off sleek and modern kitchen cabinet to our customers.

oppein Melbourne Expo 5

oppein Melbourne Expo 6

Excited customers entering our stand to find some inspirations to their home; our team working hard to keep up with the customers demand.

oppein Melbourne Expo 7

oppein Melbourne Expo 8


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Jan 14

OPPEIN has been a member of Master Builders Association of Western Australia

Good news, OPPEIN has established relationship with the Master Builders Association of Western Australia as a member gloriously on Jan this year.

The association which we associate with has been representing and promoting the views and interests of the building and construction industry in Western Australia since 1898. In addition, the Master Builders Association of Western Australia is serving for home builders, commercial builders, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants in both commercial and residential sectors as a member-based association.

So why are we selected? As the largest manufacture center in Asia, OPPEIN has over 10000 employees in headquarter, over 3500 stores all over China and its products has exported to over 100 countries and regions almost existing every corner of the world! OPPEIN manufacture custom and wholesale products, such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom products, furniture, interior wooden doors, solid surface products, and so on.

Undoubtedly, this important event that OPPEIN becomes to be a member of Master Builders will inspire OPPEIN to provide more superior quality merchandise. Meanwhile, more and more customer will enjoy our distinguished service.

At last, happy New Year, wish all your dreams come true. More information please visit our web

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Oct 13

Market Visit Report in Perth, Australia in June


Every year, sales team of OPPEIN foreign department always makes some business trip on a regular basis to visit our local OPPEIN dealer, distributor , wholesaler and builders for solving the problems they are facing at present and provide some necessary support and suggestions, recommending competitive products and service for their programmes .

In November last year, regional sales manager Kevin had already visited OPPEIN dealer which is the EJ kitchen in Perth. On June 10, he came to Perth again; this time, he would stay for 3 days and plan to visit Andre. Andre is one of the most powerful builders and his company is to offer customers a luxury home that is comprised of expertise and quality. Andre showed Kevin around the subdivision near burns beach which will be used for building high-end show home. In the show home, High quality of OPPEIN cabinetry products will be installed for its home decoration.
After visiting Andre, Kevin dropped in on Kenneth who is the managing director of PH Company. P H Company is a developer and custom project builder providing services for investment potential inland development and subdivision, and can offer the flexibility in design and price. Its projects are mainly built in the Canning Vale. This year,they are separately panning to build 6 sets of project houses, 3 sets of project houses and 16 sets of project houses.  
Since last year, imported floor tile, bathroom products, floor slabs and aluminum products from China have already been used for their home projects. Right now, they are searching for long-term cabinetry supplier in China. With abundant overseas project experiences, OPPEIN is no doubt to have become PH Company’s strong partner. All of joinery that PH Company purchased from OPPEIN for its 3 sets of house projects has been completely installed this month. Last week, PH Company came to OPPEIN headquarter to discuss the next stage of cooperation related with 6 sets of houses projects. 
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Mar 13

Australia Market Visit Report — Perth


On November 8th, 2012, OPPEIN Marketing Manager Kevin has been to the Australian Perth for visiting EJ Kitchen Company who is one of OPPEIN Showroom customers.

Perth Skyline 

Perth is the capital and largest city of the Australian State of Western Australia. It is the fourth most populous city in Australia. Perth receives moderate through highly seasonal rainfall, making it the fourth wettest Australian capital city after Darwin, Sydney and Brisbane. By virtue of its population and role as the administrative centre for business and government, Perth dominates the Western Australian economy, despite the major mining, petroleum, and agricultural export industries located elsewhere in the state. (Click here for more information about Perth)


OPPEIN Showroom in Perth  

At the beautiful showroom in Perth, EJ Kitchen ( displays five sets of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes of OPPEIN. So far, OPPEIN Cabinets enjoy good sales. On the basis of win-win relationship, OPPEIN always provides clients and dealers with great support from production, delivery to after-sale service. OPPEIN has been committed to improving people’s home life, and tries our best to meet the demands of different individuals. OPPEIN affordscustom service, and not just a set of standard products. From luxury style, fashionable style to classical style, no matter what kind of life you expect, OPPEIN will help you achieve it. Australia Market Visit Report (2)— Melbourne >>

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Mar 13

Australia Market Visit Report (2)— Melbourne


On October 31th, 2012 , OPPEIN Kevin Guo visited Toby who is the marketing manager of Image Builder.

Right now, this company is in charge of apartment project named riverside . Image Builder is a medium size commercial builder and it specializes in concrete and formwork packages for Melbourne’s leading builders and commercial construction projects. Image Builder boasts a strong management team with more than 50 years’industry experience under their collective belts. 

Before Installation of OPPEIN kitchen Cabinets

                   Riverside Apartment Before Installation of OPPEIN kitchen Cabinets 

After Installation of OPPEIN kitchen Cabinets

                       Riverside Apartment After Installation of OPPEIN kitchen Cabinets


 During the period of visit, they were installing kitchen cabinets with lacquer panels. On construction site, OPPEIN lacquer panels were highly thought of by Toby and installers. What OPPEIN professional design team and production efficiency impressed Toby most is that it only takes 2 months from drawing confirmation to kitchen cabinets delivery and installation.

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Mar 13

Australia Market Visit Report — Melbourne


On 25 October, 2012, OPPEIN Marketing Manager Kevin Guo has been to Australia on business trip. The first top is Melbourne.

Melboume is the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia.
(More information about Melboume , please visit:


Photo of Melbourne was taken by Marketing Manager Kevin Guo

                        Photo of Melbourne View was taken by Marketing Manager Kevin Guo  
Kevin visited BM Company which is one of the biggest builders in Australia. Founded in 1962, its business scope includes construction, development, engineering, Infrastructure and infrastructure services. In Australia, they have finished many famous projects like the 6 Green Star commercial development at One Shelley Street, in Sydney.


UW project under construction

                                           UW project under construction
Now, there is a big project of more than 1000 sets of apartments built at CBD. BM Company is responsible for this, named project UW. Strong Production Capability-backed, fine quality, on time delivery and competitive price make OPPEIN get the precious opportunity to cooperate with such a reputable company in the field of kitchen cabinet bathroom cabinet and TV cabinet products. If everything goes well in the next period of time, they’d love to establish friendly long-term business relations with OPPEIN.  

As the leading cabinetry manufacturer in Asia, OPPEIN products are widely recognized by more and more people home and abroad. OPPEIN product quality is equal to its European counterparts, but at more affordable prices. With the best cost performance, OPPEIN products have been exported to more than 150 countries and regions. More than 3,500 showrooms have been opened worldwide. OPPEIN overseas brand awareness is increasingly enhanced. With its rich overseas bid and project experiences, OPPEIN is also welcomed by oversea builders, contractors, project brokers and building design companies.

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Mar 13

Installed Kitchen Cabinet Project in Melbourne

Along with the fast development of OPPEIN, better quality of cabinetry products and service are supplied.


 Recently, Kevin, market manager, got some photos from George, who did a big project in Melbourne, Australia. After he finished the installation, he took picture of the whole kitchen and sent to Kevin.” What impressed me most is the good quality of products. And the design is excellent. It is believed that we will have good cooperation in the next projects.” George wrote in the email with high praise.
Feedback from customers is the best encouragement for OPPEIN to work harder and provide better service. You can always ask your questions and send feedback to OPPEIN. We will try our best to help you purchase the best products. 

Welcome you to join in us!

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Mar 13

Warmly Celebrating the Opening of OPPEIN Showroom in Tasmania, Australia


It is great news that OPPEIN Showroom in Tasmania of Australia will open in the next month. Since entering the market in 2004, this is the unique franchise house in Australia. In Tasmania, the one we cooperated with is the famous cabinetry manufacturer – Joinery Products PTY LTD in local place.

Tasmania is a population of 500,000 and it spreads across the state in many small cities. It is 300km from the north to the south. Joinery Products PTY LTD a family owned business was first formed in 1956 and has since built an excellent reputation for quality workmanship. It serves all of Tasmania and its head office and factory are in Devonport in the North about 5 minutes from the main shipping port in Tasmania. Its location enables is to supply to the north of Tasmania, also Hobart in the south and some projects in Melbourne.




As OPPEIN agent in Australia, We give great support to Joinery Products PTY LTD.

 1. Samples (kitchen door , countertop and handle)
2. Free training of products, quotation and designed by OPPEIN
3. Free training of installation by OPPEIN
4. Free catalogue design supply
5. Website design supply
OPPEIN products and service have won constantly praise and recognition from customer in Australia and the use of OPPEIN products in Australia market has significantly increased in recent years, and continues to do so. Durability and beautiful design of OPPEIN products are to the taste of people there, especially for those people who really love the white kitchen cabinet with lacquer finish. As the Managing Director of Joinery Products PTY LTD, Marcus Kelly said that OPPEIN product quality is very high. OPPEIN is the leading cabinetry manufacturer in Asia and well-known household brand in China. OPPEIN provides the best products available and exceptional value.
 Joinery Products PTY LTD Official Website, welcome to visit:

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