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Dec 14

Faster Than Ever – OPPEIN 7 Days Lead Time Kitchen Cabinets

Good news for people frustrated in long and erratic lead time cabients. OPPEIN custom kitchen cabinets: the fastest lead time is now only 7 days.

To put it a simple way: you can place an order for our custome kitchen cabinets on Monday, you could get the tracking number on next Monday. To see an estimated arrival date, email us: (with your cabinets drawings if you have).


This special 7 days lead time is for some cabinets materials only (View our 7 days lead time page). Compared to industry averages of 15 days, our custome kitchen cabinet is among the fastest to ship.

Our 7 days lead time is faster, but our cabinets are still the exact same high quality material you want. With 20 years experience in manufacturing cabients, OPPEIN has already achieved the technology to shorten lead times, sucn as quality raw material, professional designer teams, high technology, strong process management and so on.

The moment you place your order, we ship your kitchen cabinets out in 7 days. Faster, safer, qulity-guaranteed. That’s something we all devoted to.


Disclaimer: Due to size and complexity constraints of the custome kitchen cabinets, not all designs qualify for the 7 days lead time. This article does not guarantee that your design will ship out in 7 days.

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Dec 14

7 Days Lead Time for Kitchen Cabients? OPPEIN Made it


Short lead time is always what clients want. Manufacturers in every industries are racking their brains to meet clients such demands, and Oppein is one of it. Oppein specializes in custom cabinets, and as the speciality of the product, the lead time often varies from 18 days to 60 days (Oppein Delivery Info).

An old saying goes: nothing is impossible for a willing heart. As to unremitting efforts of Oppein staff in exploring event process, 7 days lead time has finally come true, and you only need to follow three steps to get it.

>> 1. View Oppein 7 days page

>> 2.Choose one panel material avaliable

>>3. Send us your cabinets drawings.

Why Oppein can realize 7 days lead time?

Because we has a strong process, we know every steps of how-to-do , when-to-do ,what-to-do.

Because every staff know its responsibilities and expectations clearly.

Because we always know our must-have proorities.


(Below are panel material avaliable for your refernece)

Sep 14

The Fourth OPPEIN Employee Talent Show & the Mid-Autumn Festival

On 5th September, the company union at OPPEIN Home Group Inc. successfully held its fourth annual Talent Show in Timian factory.  As Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival happens to fall on 8th September, this talent show was much more fabulous and grand than ever before. Employees were eagerly to display their talents. Singing, dancing, playing an instrument, crosstalk and many types of performance were presented to the audience.

On 17:30, the talent show has not yet begun, but other interesting games brought the audience into an ocean of joy, such as guessing the lantern riddles, tasting the mooncakes, playing darts and the most popular lucky draw.

oppein mid-autumn festival-5

oppein mid-autumn festival-3

oppein mid-autumn festival-4

On 18:35, the hot square dancing has brought the lively atmosphere to a climax.

oppein mid-autumn festival-6

On 19:00, the event started. 12 awesome and fabulous programs showcased by our talented employees one after another.

oppein mid-autumn festival-8

Cabinets manufacturing department – singing –《欧派二十年》

↗Cabinets manufacturing department – singing –《欧派二十年》

Tianjin wood door workshop – sing –《你快回来》

↗Tianjin wood door workshop – singing –《你快回来》

Cabinets manufacturing department – dancing –《小苹果》

↗Cabinets manufacturing department – dancing –《小苹果》

Financial department – singing –《祝你平安》

↗Financial department – singing –《祝你平安》

Furniture marketing department – drama –《欧派人》

Furniture marketing department – drama –《欧派人》

Tianjin furniture case department – singing –《冰雨》

Tianjin furniture carcase department – singing –《冰雨》

Furniture manufacturing management department – dancing –《水中月》

Furniture manufacturing management department – dancing –《水中月》

Furniture manufacturing management department – drama –《公交车上》

Furniture manufacturing management department – drama –《公交车上》

Tianjin kitchen cabinets workshop – clapper talk

Tianjin kitchen cabinets workshop – clapper talk

Furniture marketing department – dancing –《神话》

Furniture marketing department – dancing –《神话》

Cabinets manufacturing department – chorus –《欧派人爱家》

Cabinets manufacturing department – chorus –《欧派人爱家》

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May 14

OPPEIN perfectly concluded the show in the 115th Canton Fair

The exhibition of OPPEIN in the Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) came to a successful conclusion. As we did in each year, we show the finest design of OPPEIN. It is to be noted here that new bright spots and new experience are presented to our customers in this time.

The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair ) is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Canton (Guangzhou) . The Fair is the largest trade fair in China . Among China’s largest trade fairs, it has the largest assortment of products, the largest attendance, and the largest number of business deals made at the fair.
OPPEIN attend the phase one & two of the Canton Fair. In phase one, we showed kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and wooden door; in phase two, we showed kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinet. OPPEIN defines the special connotation of creativity, and we design our fantastic products. The core idea of OPPEIN is “love”. Under the guide of this idea, we committed to building a warm and loving family.

A glimpse of the kitchen cabinet in phase one & two
Model: OP14-068 & OP14-107


The purchaser and customers show great interest and enthusiasm on OPPEIN products. Our sales enjoy their great time with them and feel excited to hear customers’ appreciation on our design. A purchaser said the fact that he has attended the Canton Fair so many times, OPPEIN always bringing him special feeling and new experience, which surprised him a lot. After the check and first-hand experience of the customers, the majority of them express their willing to cooperate with us.


The atmosphere is so harmonious!

The end of the Canton Fair means an ending as well as a beginning to OPPEIN. Henceforth, our professional team will dedicate their talent and expertise to insure the highest quality products and service. Looking forward to the next big surprise!

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Oct 13

OPPEIN OPPEIN Micro Film — Seven Years Itch Fall in Love Again


This time, OPPEIN focus on the family emotional topic with the unique social visual, through micro movie “Seven Years Itch Fall in Love Again”, the “home, love” will be positive energy to pass on more people.

As the leading furniture brand, OPPEIN has been committed to create the happy family life for consumers, and truly happy home derives from the mutual love between family members. As the leading furniture, OPPEIN has been actively looking for innovative ways to interact with consumers. Micro movie is a kind of cultural art (art decoration effect diagram) with their interaction, which is opening OPPEIN brand annual dominated activity “love will go with home”. 
Liu ShunPing who is OPPEIN marketing general manager, he agrees “Seven Years Itch Fall in Love Again” that is a non-profit movie, which calls for people return to life, focus on the family, and realize the dream. It is different from pure entertainment and commercial films, OPPEIN sponsored this movie is to awaken people to pay more attention to the family, deliver social and family harmony, which has public welfare and social value. At the same time, it also fits into the theme what proposed “Chinese dream” by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the country is composed of countless families, only every family is happy and harmonious that realizes Chinese dream in the real sense. 
“Seven Years Itch Fall in Love Again” tells about the emotional experience of urban couples for 10 years, uses “the seven year itch” as a breakthrough point to analyze the emotional state about love, couples, marriage and family life for people. This movie hired to many famous people to join, which is directed by Zhang Quanxin (Contemporary Chinese director and Veteran filmmaker), and performed by Aya (the queen of Taiwan variety show), Andrew Lien (Charming man). In addition, OPPEIN invited Huang Yongming (Hong Kong Academy Award for best editing), Lin Binghua (photographer), Song Ce (“Asian nude make-up Godfather”), and the lead singer Kankan (“Beijing Love Story”). It spent millions in creating “small screen and big movie” with a strong team of movie level. 
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